marți, 24 iulie 2012

Team Fortress 2 - Major Recent Discovery!

Good day, community of TF2.

I am here today to share with you all a 'method' that basically sends a script to the official valve server for the drop system and forces it to give your desired items on death. Now, this may sound fake or unbelievable, but I assure you that at the END of this very tutorial, you will be one rich bastard, so keep reading.


This method was open to the public in 2010, when a bunch of people from leaked it from the TF2 developers, yes, that is right! Developers use this method for testing/getting all the items there are in game, well not all, because this method is not valid for Earbuds/Bill's Hat or any other item that is not in the Mann Co. Store. (that includes stranges/genuines/unusuals, metal etc.)
When the news kept spreading, more and more people started to use this and it was a MAJOR hit back then. Unfortunately, the large amount of playerbase caused the server to overload and not work anymore because of the numerous amounts of e-mails sent by the end of the day. In 2011, the 'method' died, it was forgotten and a new server has been made, many people have failed in attempt to find it, so everything went quiet for a while.
Recently, about 3 weeks ago, the new server has been discovered again by the SAME guys that leaked the first one, they haven't got the time to release it for the public and they've asked me to write an article about it and spread it around, so here I am.


Well, it involves YOU sending an e-mail to the official valve server that is used to generate drop items, using a script that will be given to you in a few minutes, and 'influencing' the drop system to drop the EXACT items you have always wanted. Of course, there IS a catch, but we'll talk about it later.


As I've mentioned, this method was a HUGE hit back in the old days, it has been reported to work by 5,800+ people. We're not here to steal your account, and even if we could, we wouldn't do it, as we own almost every single item there is in the game.
I assure you this is the only, true, legit e-mail there can be, all the others using,, domain extensions are only going to steal your account credentials - do not EVER send the script to them, even if the video has 14,981 likes and 0 dislikes, they are fake and will most likely cause the hijacking of your account.


Alright, alright.

no. 1 - Compose an e-mail to the following address:
-this is the REAL and ONLY e-mail address for the official drop server, as I've stated before, other ones will steal your credentials.

no. 2 - Name your e-mail like the following:
          Drop Request '#tendigitsnumber'
-the number can be random, it doesn't really matter.
-it needs to be named likewise so the server will be able to identify it.

no. 3 - Paste the following script inside the e-mail, and I know you are all like 'OMG! MY PASSWORD? NO WAY!'. Let me explain to you the following..
#1. This is a script, it executes a command, the e-mail cannot be read, because it appears as blank.
#2. The e-mails do not get verified, EVER. No-one at Valve verifies those e-mails because almost every one of the developers use it, so why the hussle?

Complete the capitalized areas with the proper credentials & item names. Remember, only items from the shop!

no. 4 - The e-mails do indeed take some time to get processed so waiting time can vary from 3-5 full working days, but patience is key my friend!
Now, to complete the tutorial you must disable your Steam Guard, and you are probably now like "OKAY, THIS IS REALLY A SCAM? DISABLE MY STEAM GUARD, WHY?'
Steam Guard restricts the sending of the items because it indentifies it as a 'hacking record', so that's why you should have it turned off. If you don't know how to turn it off: STEAM>SETTINGS>MANAGE STEAM GUARD ACC. SEC.>DISABLE STEAM GUARD.
After you complete all of the above steps, log out from Steam for a couple of hours (ca. 3.30h)

Any questions are welcome! We beg of you to spread this around if you found it awesome!

Thank you :)